New website

28 02 2013


November Animation Reel

10 11 2012

January update

2 02 2012

This reel is a specific edit for my application to Blizzard’s Starcraft 2 animator position. It includes ingame animations of stuff I did for Subsistence, a Starcraft 2 modification.

New Demo Reel!

20 09 2011

It’s been a long time since I have updated this blog!! Been really busy, just finished A&C2 and now freelancing for Spiral Games Studio and Blue Isle Studio! Here is my new demo reel:

Random animation test

19 05 2011

Found a cool mech rig from the AnimationBuffet website. Did a walk test, check it out : )

I also got invited on to the Force versus Form podcast to give my thoughts on procrastination and road blocks in animation.

Week 5 work

4 05 2011

Here is what I turned in to Brian this week. Most of the notes I deal with the foot roll offs and plants of the front feet. Other then that I think it was a pretty successful assignment.

For the next assignment we have to animate Cat transitioning from one locomotion to another. I am going with Cat doing a trot into a run/gallop. Here is my video reference:

This is going to be a great challenge! Definitely going to improve my timing.


30 04 2011

Sorry for not posting lately! I got swamped with work and forgot about the blog.

Last week I blocked out a cat taking a few steps and sitting down. That sit pose was difficult to sculpt due to my inexperience with the rig. Here is what the blocking looks like:

Got some notes on the weight of the cat, so thats what I’m hitting on hard this week. I’ll post a revision this Sunday.

I also have to plan out my next shot. I decided to do a trot that will transition into a run. This shot is going to be pretty challenging personally for me because I feel that timing is something I still need to work on. I think this exercise will definitely help me improve. Here is my video reference for this week’s assignment:

Here is a really awesome short film that my former AM classmate, Louaye Moulayess, worked on: