Week 1

29 03 2011

So everybody got to know who their new mentor is today!

I got Brian Mendenhall who is a animator at Tippett Studios. He has been there for 7 years and worked on movies such as  Hellboy, Constantine, Charlottes Web, Enchanted, and the recent Cats and Dogs 2.

Totally excited to have him as my mentor for this first Animals class.  Also excited that Max and Genevieve are in my class as well!
Apparently there are rules regarding posting Animals and Creatures student work. Being the first alumni class to go through A&C, there are some things that I can’t post until a month or so from now. I will get full details in tomorrow’s Q&A.

After watching today’s lecture and looking at the syllabus my face looked like this:    O_O

This is going to be a TOUGH class. No wonder I even got a email discouraging me to take it.

I’ll post more tomorrow or Wednesday after I find out more details about the limitations on posting work publicly.


Animation inspiration of the day: Azerus Rising

I love stuff like this. I’m definitely a sci fi guy and just stuff like this really inspires me. The characters, the set pieces, and animation are just so well done!

Check out Kel Figgins’ , who animated on Azerus Rising, website.





One response

29 03 2011
Sean D.

Really? They sent you a discouragement letter? I’m kind of envious.

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